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What to Expect When Using Breathe Delay Spray

What to Expect When Using Breathe Delay Spray

Embark on a journey of enhanced intimacy with Breathe Delay Spray. This comprehensive guide delves into the world of this delay spray, exploring its ingredients, application, and potential side effects. Uncover the secrets to achieving longer-lasting pleasure and satisfying both partners.

While emotional appreciation, communication and affection are important traits for a healthy relationship, other things such as intimacy can significantly help strengthen the bond between you and your partner. 

Although intimacy may be different for every person, ranging from spending more quality time together, to being more sexually active with each other, not every man may have the same experience due to a feeling of sexual performance anxiety. 

The causes of sexual performance anxiety are still somewhat unexplained, however, many professionals and experts have concluded that things such as recovery from injury, bad diet, ageing, and high levels of stress and anxiety can cause a man to avoid having sexual interaction with their partner. 

Identifying sexual performance anxiety 

Although experts have managed to identify key areas that may elevate feelings of sexual performance anxiety, the symptoms often include things such as premature ejaculation (PE) or erectile dysfunction (ED). 

A research study, which surveyed around 500 men found that roughly 60 percent of them had experienced sexual performance anxiety at some point in their life. What’s more, around a third of this cohort said that they have never spoken about it with anyone, while only nine per cent of men who’ve experienced performance anxiety have openly discussed the matter with a friend or family member.

Treating sexual performance anxiety, however, has become a more common theme these days, with various remedies, including ointments, oral medication and desensitising wipes coming onto the market. 

While resolving issues more closely related to performance anxiety often requires professional intervention, for those men seeking a more short-term, and reliable solution, some delay sprays have been found to help them last longer in bed and stave off premature ejaculation during sex. 

Using a delay spray: What is it? 

As already mentioned, today there are several different remedies on the market to choose from to assist with premature ejaculation, many of which can improve sexual performance, helping you to last longer in bed, without reaching climax too early. 

One of these remedies or solutions is a delay spray for men. The use of a delay spray has become more frequented by men, seeing that it’s easy to use, and effective most of the time, depending on the amount used and the product purchased.

Breathe Delay Spray is a type of topical application that helps to decrease penis sensitivity, allowing men to have longer-lasting and better sex. This delay spray is a simple, and highly effective application that can be used several minutes before sex, and is safe to use in combination with a latex condom and for oral sex. 

What type of ingredients are used in Breathe Delay Spray? 

This is a fairly common question that many men have before using Breathe Delay Spray, or any other desensitising spray for that matter. 

In most instances, a delay spray will contain a low dose of lidocaine, an active ingredient that is known as a local anaesthetic. This ingredient is safe for use by humans, and seeing that you don’t need a prescription, Breathe Delay Spray is available for over-the-counter (OTC) purchase. 

Another ingredient – benzocaine – may also be used in some products, including desensitising wipes. While these are active ingredients, both lidocaine and benzocaine provide very similar reactions when applied, often with little difference between the two. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between each of these two important ingredients is that lidocaine is more commonly found in a delay spray, such as Breathe Delay Spray, while benzocaine is more frequented in wipes. 

The bottom line is that these ingredients help to relieve tension in the nerve endings, meaning that when applied as a topical solution or with a wipe, the local anaesthetic ingredients will be absorbed into the skin and reduce sensitivity around the genital area. 

The delay spray works to delay ejaculation, and acts as numbing agent spray for men that contains natural ingredients. With Breathe Delay Spray, you can enjoy sex without having to stress about premature ejaculation. The bottle fit discreetly in your bag, and can be used before intercourse to help elevate the bedroom sensation.

How to use Breathe Delay Spray 

Using Breathe Delay Spray is easy and convenient, requires minimal intervention and can be done before sexual activity. 

Step 1

Clean around the penis, including the head of the penis with a damp cloth or non-alcohol-based wet wipe. Ensure that the head of the penis is exposed when applying Breathe Delay Spray and that it has been wiped clean of any debris or visible liquid. 

Step 2

Ensure that the head of the penis is exposed. For uncircumcised men, ensure that you gently tuck back the excess skin to expose the head of the penis. 

Step 3 

Gently squeeze the spray cap on top of the bottle. Apply the topical lotion directly on the exposed parts of the penis, including the head and the shaft of the penis.

Step 4 

Apply around 3 to 5 sprays of the Breathe Delay Spray to the penis. This is the general amount required for maximum results. While a person can use more, keep in mind that this topical application contains traces of local anaesthetics, which might result in a mild numbing effect and the delay spray work almost instantaneously.

Step 5 

Gently rub the topical application on the penis, ensuring that all of the ointment has been absorbed.

Step 6 

Allow 10 to 15 minutes to pass by. You will notice a slight tingling or numbing effect, this is normal and is an indication that the delay spray has been absorbed. Some delay sprays may take longer, depending on the brand you’ve purchased, however, with Breathe Delay Spray the average time can be different for each person.

Step 7

Suit up and gear up. 

Possible side effects of Breathe Delay Spray 

While all ingredients used in Breathe Delay Spray are natural and have been tested to provide you with the best results, some side effects may occur during normal use, however, no adverse reaction have been documented.

The presence of an allergic reaction or skin irritation is possible, however, this is usually less frequent in most cases. An extensive study of around 2,000 participants found that only 2.4% of respondents experienced slight irritation from local anaesthetics. More than this, only 1.1% experienced an allergic reaction to benzocaine, and 0.8% reacted to lidocaine.

Additionally, it’s advised to avoid using Breathe Delay Spray, or any type of delay spray for men if you have broken or torn skin anywhere present on your penis. More than this, if you have broken or inflamed skin, or have experienced any discomfort while using the application, discontinue use, and consult with a physician for further instructions. 

Furthermore, experts advise that if you are using any of the following drugs, avoid exposure to any topical anaesthetic, such as Breathe Delay Spray: 

  • Antimalarials 
  • Antineoplastic such as flutamide or cyclophosphamide 
  • Antibiotics including sulfonamides, dapsone and nitrofurantoin
  • Antianginal agents
  • Antihypertensives such as sodium nitroprusside 
  • Anti-inflammatory or analgesics

Wrap up 

For better, longer-lasting sex, use Breathe Delay Spray, a delay spray, safe for men, and helps to desensitise the penis. For best results, ensure to apply a liberal amount each time before sex, and allow 10 to 15 minutes for the application to react. 

Although sexual performance anxiety can lead to sexual dysfunctions, having a near-term solution can help improve your sexual performance, and most importantly, positively impact the intimacy between your partner and help contribute to a healthier and happier relationship. 

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