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Ultimate Control: Step-by-Step Instructions for Breathe Delay Spray


Step-by-Step Instructions for Breathe Delay Spray

Find out how to get ultimate control with step-by-Step Instructions for Breathe Delay Spray. Sexual intimacy with your partner is a natural occurrence, however, not all men may experience sex in the same way as others do. While sex can mean and be something different for everyone, there are occasions where some men might experience performance anxiety while being sexually intimate with their partner.

Performance anxiety can be caused by low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, lack of stamina, perceptions of penis size, and technique, which may lead to dissatisfactory sexual fulfilment for you and your partner, or in some instances lead to premature ejaculation.

While there are many other factors that can directly influence premature ejaculation, including health, diet, and stamina, there’s definitely no need to feel concerned, as Breathe Delay Spray can help enhance sexual pleasure between you and your partner, and extend your sexual endurance giving you the ultimate control.

What is Breathe Delay Spray

The Breathe Delay Spray is a carefully assembled aid that helps to extend the sexual performance of men during sexual intercourse and foreplay. The delay spray for men was designed to ensure you can last longer in bed, by desensitising the penis, which helps to suppress ejaculation and to further enable longer sexual intimacy, but also help to treat premature ejaculation.

With a high-quality formula such as Breathe Delay Spray, you can improve your sexual activity, as the spray acts as an aid to lower penis sensitivity while helping to boost sexual endurance. These types of sprays are commonly used before sex and are safe to use during oral sex.

Men should take caution when using delay sprays, especially if they have broken or inflamed skin around their penis, or experience a burning sensation and avoid any other sensitive areas.

Ultimate Control with Breathe Delay Spray

Step-by-Step Instructions For Ultimate Control

There is no more need to fuss with lotions, creams and other ointments that may help you last longer in bed. Instead, the Breathe Delay Spray is a simple liquid that can easily be applied to the penis right before sexual intimacy.

Here’s a look at how to effectively apply the Breathe Delay Spray and how delay spray works:

Step 1:

Remove the spray bottle from any packaging, and give it a gentle shake. No need to overdo it, a shake of 30 to 40 seconds will suffice.

Step 2:

Before applying, make sure that your penis is free from any other liquids, and that it has been wiped down by either a sanitary towel. Making sure that your penis is clean, not only benefits you and your partner, but it’s safer and can help the Breathe Delay Spray absorb better.

Additonally, you can use a wet towel to clean the head and the shaft of the penis. Keep the towel close by in the event that you have excess spray that you might want to wipe down.

Step 3:

After gently shaking the spray bottle, remove the spray cap, and keep the spray nozzle within a few centimetres of your penis.

Step 4:

For uncircumcised men, gently pull back the skin at the tip to reveal the head of the penis. The premature ejaculation spray will help with climax control, and contains natural ingredients that are perfectly safe to use.

Step 5:

Starting from the top, and working your way down, apply the spray twice on the head of the penis and the underside of the penis head. As you’re making your way down the penis shaft – the longest part of the penis – gently spray the application once or twice.

Make sure to firmly press the spray nozzle each time you apply delay spray. The average time for most men will be anything from ten minutes before engaging in a sexual experience. To avoid over rapid use delay spray only when necessary.

Step 6:

Gently rub the application on the penis – don’t forget to rub the head of the penis and the underside of the shaft. Make sure the application is fully absorbed, there is no more dampness present on the penis and it is completely dry.

Step 7:

Allow ten minutes for the application to absorb into the skin before sexual activity. This is a perfect time to get yourself ready with some foreplay.

Some men might feel that they use too little delay spray, but to reduce sensitivity and adverse reaction, use a small amount beforehand.

Step 8:

You’re all set and ready to go! After ten minutes, and the spray application has absorbed and the penis is no longer damp or wet, you’re ready to go.  In case you wondered, your penis will give you an indication of how it feels, and tell you that everything is fine – so no need to feel anxious. Avoid delay spray if you have broken or inflamed skin, and before using latex condoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a delay spray?

There are many reasons why men choose to use a delay spray. However, the most common use for these sprays is to enhance the sexual performance for you and your partner, by allowing them to postpone premature ejaculation.

What are the benefits of a delay spray?

Not every person will experience the same type of benefits from using a delay spray. There is however a shared benefit, that men who use a delay spray will last longer in bed, further prolonging sexual activity and intimacy with their partner.

Can I use the delay spray before oral sex?

Yes, you can use the delay spray before oral sex, our suggestion would be to apply the Breathe Delay Spray at least ten minutes before sexual activity. This gives it enough time to completely absorb into the penis.

How simple is it to use the Breathe Delay Spray?

The process is relatively straightforward. Simply ensure that your penis is clean and erect. Hold the spray nozzle a few centimetres from the penis, and firmly press the nozzle. Spray at least twice on the head of the penis, and work your way down the shaft, gently rubbing until the liquid has dissolved into the skin.

How many sprays should you apply?

As a recommendation use at least two to three sprays on the tip, and again on the shaft. The delay spray affect is different for every man, and the amount will vary depending on your personal needs. A delay spray work to delay ejaculation, and can be considered as an alternative treatment. Spray a liberal amount on the tip, and then again on the shaft for best results and climax control.

A quick recap on how to gain ultimate control with Breathe

Many men around the world experience premature ejaculation, whether it’s due to performance anxiety, low stamina, unhealthy habits or even a bad diet. Premature ejaculation is a natural occurrence, and contrary to popular belief, a lot of men struggle with it. Lukcily, men can now treat premature ejaculation, with delay sprays, to help them delay ejaculation, and is a suitable and more affordable treatment to have more pleasurable sexual experiences.

However, with the use of Breathe Delay Spray, you and your partner can now enjoy longer-lasting sexual activity, as the delay sprays helps to desensitise the penis, which helps to postpone premature ejaculation, and improves sexual performance. For longer-lasting, better sex, that gets you where you and your partner want to be, try the Breathe Delay Spray for yourself and gain ultimate control in the bedroom.

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