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The Benefits of Breathe Delay Spray for Men


Discover how Breathe Delay Spray can help men extend their performance and enhance their intimate experiences. Learn about the benefits, ingredients, and how to use this innovative delay spray.

Many men, around 11.7 per cent of British men, according to one study, struggle with premature ejaculation (PE), a common sexual dysfunction that occurs during sexual performance and intercourse. 

Although some men may have the natural ability to pleasure their partner for longer during sexual activity, those who experience premature ejaculation often rely on external remedies, such as a natural delay spray, desensitising wipes or perhaps viagra to help give them a boost in bed. 

While today, there are countless products and remedies available on the market, finding the right one that works for you, and your partner can help you have better, longer-lasting sex, without the fear of ejaculating too fast. 

Use of delay sprays 

A handful of men experience what experts refer to as “premature ejaculation.” While this is a natural, and seemingly biological occurrence, experts suggest that premature ejaculation shouldn’t be a cause for concern, even if you experience this multiple times during sexual activity. 

Premature ejaculation can look different for everyone, some of the most common traits include: 

  • Almost always or nearly always reaching climax or ejaculation within 1 to 3 minutes of penetration. 
  • A tendency to avoid sexual intimacy, due to increased feelings of distress and frustration. 
  • Inability to delay ejaculation during sexual intercourse or sexual activity most of the time. 

Keep in mind that every person has a different understanding regarding sexual activity, and can mean either sexual penetration, oral sex or foreplay. While being able to last longer, during any of these activities can help improve the intimacy between you and your partner, having a workable solution often makes it easier to overcome sexual performance anxiety, and the frustration related to premature ejaculation. 

Understanding how delay sprays work 

Delay sprays have become a faster and more convenient option for many men looking to last longer during sexual activity and enhance their sexual performance. A delay spray, such as Breathe Delay Spray, is a topical application that can be directly applied to the penis. 

These sprays contain a very low dose of local anaesthetic that helps to numb and desensitises the penis. The application works by numbing the nerve endings of the penis, allowing you to have longer, more pleasurable sex, without the fear of reaching climax within a few seconds or minutes. 

While some men may opt for other remedies such as an oral capsule, or perhaps a desensitising wipe, delay sprays tend to work faster and more effectively. Additionally, a delay spray for men can be applied several minutes before sexual activity, meaning that you will have less preparation work to do and more time to have fun. 

The Breathe Delay Spray for men uses natural ingredients, and has been designed to fit discreetly in a carry-on bag. The numbing agent is an active ingredient that helps to reduce sensitivity and the spray work for men that struggle with premature ejaculation.

The market for delay sprays has exploded in recent years, and nowadays there is a wide variety of delay sprays for men available to choose from. While increased competition ensures that men have more choices, knowing which are effective and providing lasting results is an important consideration to keep in mind when shopping for the best delay spray in UK. 

Benefits of using Breathe Delay Spray 

Using Breathe Delay Spray can have multiple benefits for men, allowing them to focus on their performance, and having to stress less about lasting longer. 

Enhances sexual confidence 

Men who regularly experience premature ejaculation during sexual activity have been found to have increased levels of stress and decreased sexual confidence due to a higher degree of sexual performance anxiety. 

All these factors combined can impact your sexual confidence with your partner, leading to decreased sexual drive, stamina, and sexual intimacy. Although some men may have different experiences regarding these issues, a delay spray can be beneficial in the sense that it can improve a person’s overall sexual confidence. 

Using Breathe Delay Spray is more than about lasting longer, or having better sex, instead, it can directly impact your sexual confidence, meaning that you will feel less stressed or anxious when engaging in sexual activities, and focus more on your technique. 

Improves sexual endurance 

As already mentioned, one of the main reasons why men decide to use Breathe Delay Spray is that it gives them prolonged sexual endurance and delays ejaculation.

The Breathe Delay Spray works to desensitise the nerves of the penis, meaning that you will have the ability to last longer in bed, without having to stress over ejaculating too early, or not being able to control your premature ejaculation. 

Being able to last long in bed can mean something different for everyone. One study found that men deemed two minutes as too short, while anything ranging between 10 to 30 minutes was considered too long. 

While there isn’t necessarily a “perfect” amount of time you need to last in bed, most men have a desire to last an adequate amount of average time that would allow them to pleasure their partner enough, without feeling anxious or stressed during sexual activity. 

Although, too much spray or having broken or inflamed skin can cause an adverse reaction in sensitive areas. Consider using a delay spray for men that’s been tested and is safe to use.

Lowers sexual performance anxiety 

The National Social Anxiety Center (NSAC) recognises that sexual performance anxiety can be a combination of things that directly impact a man’s ability to adequately perform sexual activity on their partner. 

Experts claim that sexual performance anxiety can be influenced by various things, including erectile dysfunction, difficulty experiencing an orgasm, premature ejaculation, increased stress levels, high anxiety, and sexual trauma. 

While it’s important to address any of these issues with a medical professional, including a family doctor, alternative remedies, such as Breathe Delay Spray, can actively help to reduce sexual performance anxiety. 

Without having to fret over whether you will ejaculate, and climax too early into sexual activity with your partner or when masturbating, a delay spray work to assist with lowering penis sensitivity, and causes a mild numbing effect. Ultimately, this helps to encourage men to perform sexual activities, such as intercourse or oral sex more frequently, giving them a much-needed boost in confidence. 

Improves relationship intimacy 

Better, longer-lasting sex can help improve intimacy between you and your partner. While the frequency of sexual activity can also be another contributing factor, many experts on the matter have noted that better sex can help reignite a “spark” for those in a monogamous relationship. 

More than this, having better sex with your partner can influence other aspects of your life as well. Things such as elevated happiness, improved emotional well-being, self-esteem and self-image, and help to create spontaneity in a relationship. 

Although sex and intercourse can be a strong driver of improved relationship intimacy in the bedroom, outside it can help to rekindle things between you and your partner, leading to improved feelings of emotional connection. 

Better performance with Breathe Delay Spray 

Lasting longer in bed is more about not having to climax too early during sexual activity. Instead, having longer, more enjoyable sexual activity with your partner can help to benefit both of you, lowering the stress symptoms related to sexual performance anxiety, and boosting the level of intimacy. 

With Breathe Delay Spray, you will have the ability to last longer in bed, but more than this, you will help to build a connection between you and your partner, and actively work to seek an alternative remedy that’s safe, reliable and provides effective results all the time. 

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