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Lasting Moments: Unveiling the Lasting Power of Breathe Delay Spray in Intimacy


Unlock the secrets to prolonged intimacy with ‘Lasting Moments.’ Delve into the transformative world of Breathe Delay Spray, a discreet solution designed to empower men to overcome premature ejaculation. Discover the natural ingredients and science behind this game-changer, ensuring a more confident and satisfying intimate experience for you and your partner.

Several recent studies have indicated that sex is more important for a person’s relationships than they might think. Even more than this, scientific studies have found that regular sex or intimate moments with your partner can help improve your mental health, reducing stress and improving your mood, while burning calories, and helping to strengthen your immune system. 

Having less also carries some health benefits. In fact, one report found that men who have sex at least once per month or less had a 45 per cent lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to men who had sex more than twice a week. Physical intercourse, specifically penile-vaginal intercourse can decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men, according to one review from 2010. 

While sex is often considered as the buzzword within a relationship – having both positive and negative connotations – for men, being able to last longer during these intimate moments can lead to fostering a healthier relationship with your partner, and creating a more meaningful connection with them. 

How to create more intimacy with Breathe Delay Spray 

Building intimacy in a relationship can help create a more meaningful connection between you and your partner. This can lead to a healthier relationship, ensuring better communication, and knowing what are the things that can easily make a person feel more recognized in and outside of the bedroom. 

Although intimacy is one of the many building blocks of a relationship, creating these moments can often be a challenge for some people. Life often gets in the way, and we become wrapped up in our daily routine, or miss important moments that we didn’t realise would lead to more intimate feelings with our partners. 

Things like effective communication and self-disclosure are only two of the many things you can do to create an intimate relationship with your partner. But more than this, regular sexual intercourse or sexual activity has been identified as another building block for fostering a more intimate relationship with your partner, improving communication, and boosting self-esteem. 

Using Breathe Delay Spray to create intimacy 

As we now know, being more sexually active with your partner can help benefit a relationship. However, in some instances, men might often feel pressure or sexual performance anxiety due to premature ejaculation (PE) – a sexual dysfunction that sees men ejaculating too quickly when aroused – however, with Breathe Delay Spray you will be able to last longer, and have more pleasurable sexual moments with your partner. 

What is Breathe Delay Spray? 

Breathe Delay Spray contains natural ingredients and is a delay spray for men that can be directly applied to the penis before sexual activity. The delay spray contains a local anaesthetic that helps to desensitise the nerve endings of the penis. With Breathe Delay Spray, you will have a quick and convenient solution that allows you to last longer during sexual activity, including intercourse and oral sex. 

How does Breathe Delay Spray work? 

The application of this delay spray is straightforward. The application, which comes in a liquid form, is directly sprayed onto the penis, typically on exposed parts, such as the head of the penis. The application is then absorbed into the skin, which causes a mild numbing effect.

The mild numbing effect that you may feel is fairly normal and is usually an indication that the delay spray is working and that the active ingredients have been absorbed into the penis. The delay spray for men helps to desensitise the nerves of the penis, without affecting your erection. 

How do I apply a delay spray? 

While there are many other delay sprays available on the market, Breathe Delay Spray can be directly sprayed onto the penis and contains all natural ingredients designed to reduce sensitivity.

First, ensure that the penis is clean and dry. For best results, you can clean the penis first, and damp it dry with a cloth. Next, once the penis is erect, make sure that the head of the penis is exposed by gently tucking back any excess skin, in this case, the foreskin. 

You can apply two to four sprays of the Breathe Delay Spray and gently rub this across the head and shaft of the penis. For maximum results, you can apply more than five sprays, however, too much of the delayed spray can cause irritation or often lead to redness of the skin. If an adverse reaction continues consider consulting with a medical professional.

Make sure that the penis is free from any broken or irritated skin to avoid inflammation, irritation or reaction. After gently rubbing the application, allow 10 to 15 minutes for the spray to activate. 

Once you notice a slight tingling or mild numbing effect you are ready for action and to maintain sexual vigour. The Breathe Delay Spray can be used along with a condom and is safe for intercourse, including anal and oral sex. 

Why use Breathe Delay Spray? 

As already mentioned, having longer-lasting sex can help you and your partner foster more intimate moments. A delay spray will only help to elevate the bedroom experience, further allowing you to last longer, and provide a more pleasurable experience to both you and your partner. 

On top of this, regular sexual activity can boost your emotional well-being such as your mood, leading to decreased feelings of depression, mood swings or anxiety. 

One of the biggest benefits perhaps is that a delay spray can also help decrease feelings of sexual performance anxiety, something many men tend to struggle with. Sexual performance anxiety can be caused by a range of influences, including, stress; depression; sexual trauma; past sexual experiences; or dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. 

Another reason to consider Breathe Delay Spray is that it contains a mixture of award winning proprietary blend all natural ingredients that have been carefully formulated to be used by men before sex. The Breathe Delay Spray has been designed to be discreet, allowing for discreet application on intimate areas to improve endurance and the easy solution can be discreetly transported in your bag.

How long should I last in bed? 

Well, that all depends. Multiple things can influence a person’s ability to last longer during sexual activity. For some men, this might be anything from 30 seconds to 15 minutes from intercourse. 

Although many studies now indicate the average length of time men last in bed ranges between 30 seconds to five and a half minutes, it’s important to remember that other factors can play a role in how long you can last in bed. 

Things such as erectile dysfunction; stress; anxiety; poor personal wellness and well-being; bad diet and trauma can all be causes of premature ejaculation 

While there may be multiple personal and more medical-related reasons why you may be lasting not as long in bed, it’s fairly normal for men to experience premature ejaculation at least some of the time. 

Creating intimacy and lasting moments 

Holding down a steady and healthy relationship can be important for many people, including men who struggle with sexual performance anxiety or premature ejaculation. While it’s advised to consult with a medical professional for more severe symptoms, using a delay spray can further help elevate the bedroom experience, helping boost your confidence, mental health and ultimately creating more intimate and lasting moments for you and your partner. 

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