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How To Increase Your Stamina With Breathe Delay Spray For Men

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Improve more than your stamina, boost your confidence with Breathe Delay Spray. Having better, longer and more pleasurable sex improves both physical and mental well-being. By increasing your longevity with Breathe Delay Spray you will experience better endurance, and have the ability to improve your sexual performance. 

Having a good dose of stamina can leave you feeling energised and on top of your game. However, feeling more resilient isn’t only restricted to doing an extra lap around the track, benching heavier weights or doing more pushups than what you did last week. 

Good stamina is more than all of this. Having good stamina can be an effective way to improve your sexual performance, leading to increased endurance and helping you last longer in bed. 

In general, from what we’ve learned through research is that men with better sexual performance and the ability to last longer in bed, tend to have happier and healthier relationships. 

A lack of exercise, combined with a poor diet can lead to increased symptoms of cardiovascular disease, elevated blood pressure, fatigue, and mental conditions such as depression, low self-esteem and sexual anxiety. What’s more, researchfound that men who were overweight or obese had a 20% to 30% chance of having at least one sexual dysfunction. 

Being in your best shape is more than feeling good, it’s about pleasuring your partner and improving your sex life by being able to last longer and having increased sexual endurance. 

Why lasting longer in bed is good for men 

The amount of time for men to reach orgasm or ejaculation can range anywhere from 33 seconds to around a couple of minutes. Various research studies and surveys have found that on average, men last roughly between 5 and 11 minutes in bed before reaching orgasm. 

However, the amount of time a man can last in bed depends on a wide variety of factors, including physical health and psychological well-being. On top of this, the majority of studies that track the average time men last in bed often don’t account for things such as foreplay or oral sex. 

Exactly determining how long men last in bed isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario, and different factors can play a role in what constitutes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ time before reaching an orgasm or ejaculating. 

Nonetheless, men who last longer in bed often feel better, are happier and have better relationships with their partners. 

In fact, some studies have shown that a lack of sex or intercourse can lead men to feel more than stressed or anxious, but also: 

  • Men experience increased blood pressure. 
  • Increased risk of heart disease. 
  • Masturbating less can increase the risk of prostate cancer. 
  • A weaker and less resistant immune system. 
  • Feeling out of rhythm and poor sexual performance.
  • Poor sleeping patterns lead to feeling fatigued. 

While a lot of things may influence your ability to have more, or better sexual activity, being able to last longer, and having sex more often, can help improve your overall well-being, and also lead to improved bodily function, better mental health, experiencing a higher frequency of contentment, and having a healthier relationship with your partner. 

How to improve your sexual stamina with Breathe Delay Spray 

While there are other methods and techniques to improve your stamina, one of the easiest, and most widely accessible ways to improve your sexual stamina is through the use of Breathe Delay Spray.

What is Breathe Delay Spray?

Breathe Delay Spray is a delay spray for men that is directly applied to the penis before intercourse, which allows the applicant to absorb it into the skin and desensitise the penis. The delay spray works as a way to improve stamina and lower the frequency of premature ejaculation (PE).

While not all men may struggle with the same type of sexual performance anxiety symptoms such as erectile dysfunction; sexual performance anxiety; sexual trauma; mental health conditions, among others – having an accessible solution can significantly improve your sex life, and assist in overcoming sexual performance anxiety.

Why use Breathe Delay Spray?

Having an alternative compared to more traditional solutions enables you to have better sex, but ultimately increases your sexual performance with your partner. The Breathe Delay Spray is a safe, and effective water-based solution that can be directly sprayed onto the head of the penis before sex. 

Additionally, the delay spray can be used in combination with a latex condom, allowing you to have safer and more pleasurable sexual experiences, while still being able to last longer in bed. On top of this, the delay spray for men can be applied to the penis before oral sex, giving you another opportunity to increase your stamina, foreplay and perform sexually. 

How do you use Breathe Delay Spray? 

Application is effortless and can be done 10 to 15 minutes before intercourse. 

Step 1

Ensure that the penis is wiped clean, including the head of the penis. Gently pull back the skin of the penis, to reveal the head of the penis, for increased absorption. For uncircumcised men, be sure to gently tug back the skin while applying Breathe Delay Spray. 

Step 2 

Gently spray the Breathe Delay Spray onto the head of the penis and again on the shaft for maximum absorption. Generally, three to five sprays will do the job. 

Step 3 

Massage the liquid into the penis, ensuring that most of the liquid is fully absorbed into the skin. 

Step 4 

Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the solution to activate. You will experience a slight numbing effect in the penis, this is normal and is an indication that the solution has been fully absorbed and activated. 

Step 5 

Ensure that all liquid has been absorbed. After about 15 minutes you are all ready and set to go!

Breathe Delay Spray is a quick, simple and highly effective alternative that allows you to have increased stamina, and lasting longer in bed. 

How to improve your sexual stamina 

There are many ways in which you can improve your sexual stamina, which in return could lead to increased sexual performance, overcome sexual performance anxiety and having a more sexual arousal. Keep in mind that some men may experience other conditions, such as lower levels of testosterone, which often play a role in men’s overall sexual drive and stamina. 

Other things that may help improve your stamina for a better sex life include: 


Spending a few minutes before intercourse and enjoying a bit of foreplay can help a man last longer, and feel more aroused even if they experience sexual performance anxiety.


More frequent cardio and physical activity can significantly help to improve your endurance in bed and lead to better health. 


Eating healthier foods, including foods that contain high levels of Vitamin D; Omega-3 fatty acids; carbohydrates; and fruits or vegetables. 


Frequent masturbation can improve longevity, and can be used to as an aid to treat sexual performance anxiety, which improves your technique and exercises the ejaculatory muscles. 

Quitting bad habits 

Habits such as overconsumption of alcohol, the use of abusive substances and excessive smoking can lead to decreased longevity, and increase the risk of health-related issues and physical well being.

Reduce stress 

Finding ways to cope with excessive levels of elevated stress can be another contributing element that improves your longevity during sexual intercourse. 

Natural remedies 

Incorporating natural remedies in your diet, including caffeine, ginseng and yohimbe can have a positive impact on your endurance, and overall stamina during exercise and intercourse. 

Wrap Up 

Increasing your stamina can be a combination of various things, such as a better diet, more exercise and including Breathe Delay Spray into your sexual routine. Having an active remedy at hand, that is highly effective and works almost instantaneously ensures that you will give your stamina the necessary boost, but most importantly, improve your sexual endurance and have better and longer sex. 

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