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How to boost your confidence with Breathe Delay Spray for Men


What is Breathe Delay Spray?

Breathe Delay Spray is a discreet and easy-to-use spray that effectively reduces premature ejaculation (PE), allowing you to last longer and enjoy more satisfying experiences. Formulated with natural ingredients, Breathe Delay Spray gently desensitises key areas without diminishing pleasure. Regain control, boost your confidence, and rediscover the satisfaction of lasting longer in bed.

PE is often considered one of several factors that can influence sexual performance for men, which in most instances could lead to a decreased sense of sexual intimacy for both partners and can see some men experience sexual performance anxiety.

However, not every man experiences PE the same, and several studies suggest that men in the United Kingdom have experienced PE at some time in their lives and that the problem is more universally shared than one might think. 

Some estimates suggest that around 10 per cent of British men are currently reporting having experienced PE. Globally, between 20 per cent and 30 per cent of sexually active males could potentially be affected by PE.

You’re not the only person struggling with PE during sexual intimacy. Multiple people have experienced the same problem – luckily there are ways you can regain your confidence again, by overcoming sexual performance anxiety and improving your sexual experience.

What is premature ejaculation? 

Before you can find a suitable solution, it’s important to take some time to understand better what PE is, and what the common causes are. If you wondered, erectile dysfunction isn’t the only factor that can lead to higher levels of performance anxiety.

For starters, PE often occurs during sexual activity, although the ability to reach orgasm is a satisfying experience, having one too fast can often feel less pleasurable for both you and your partner, leading to decreased sexual performance.

PE is commonly related to increased penile sensitivity or penis sensitivity. However, various factors can increase or often decrease penile sensitivity, including:

  • Conditions affecting the skin function. 
  • Damage to nerve endings in the penis. 
  • Exposure of the glans. 
  • Injury or trauma to either the base, head or shaft of the penis. 
  • Presence of an infection in or around the penis, such as an STD. 
  • The inability to retract the foreskin during sex is known as phimosis.
  • Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin.

While these are the physical factors that can lead to increased penis sensitivity, it’s important to remember that other mental health conditions, which are often ignored – depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, relationship intimacy – can again lead to PE. 

Other existing health conditions could further elevate penis sensitivity, these include: 

  • Erectile dysfunction. 
  • Excessive use of recreational drugs.
  • Alcoholism or overconsumption of alcohol.
  • Low testosterone or serotonin levels.
  • Fluctuating hormonal levels. 
  • Diabetes
  • Sexual anxiety
  • Performance anxiety

One of the best ways to address these and other medical conditions is to consult a registered health professional. Whether you may feel that your penis sensitivity or PE is being caused by injury, trauma or mental conditions, getting expert advice from a medical professional for possible treatment options is one of the best ways to find a suitable long-term solution. 

You may also want to consult with a healthcare provider and revisit only high-quality sources or peer-reviewed studies to help alleviate stress hormones, perhaps communicating the issue with your sexual partners, practising mindfulness meditation training, or even talking to other people who may experience sexual performance anxiety to get to the bottom of the physical or mental problem.

How to boost your confidence with Breathe Delay Spray 

Now that you have a clear understanding of the various causes that may lead to PE, and what some of the leading factors may be that influence penis sensitivity; it’s possible to address ways in which you can regain confidence and treat sexual performance anxiety symptoms.

Breathe Delay Spray 

One of the most accessible solutions that will help you regain your sexual confidence once again, and help improve performance with your partners is through the use of a desensitising delay spray. 

The Breathe Delay Spray is a straightforward penis desensitising spray, that can be directly applied to the penis before intimate moments. 

Instead of having to fuss with various ointments, lotions or tablets, using a delay spray is much faster, convenient, and highly effective. Most importantly, the Breathe Delay Spray can be applied roughly 10-15 minutes before sex. 

On top of this, applying Breathe Delay Spray is a lot easier and cleaner, requiring minimal effort, and can be done before sexual intimacy, and can quickly be cleaned off once you are finished. 

By directly spraying the liquid onto the head of the penis, after wiping it clean, Breathe Delay Spray will absorb into the skin, causing the penis to feel numb after several minutes. Once the liquid has been absorbed, you are all set and ready to go. 

By applying a liberal amount to the head of the penis, and gently rubbing it into the penis, you will allow for the delay spray to absorb quicker. For the best results, use the delay spray before using a latex condom, and avoid using the product if you have torn, broken or inflamed skin around the head of your penis. 

Why having sexual confidence can improve sexual intimacy 

A lot of the time, men often underestimate the importance of having sexual confidence or issues relating to sexual performance anxiety.

For starters, being more comfortable during your most intimate moments does not only mean you will have better sex, but it leads to increased performance, and increased satisfaction for both you and your partner. 

By becoming more confident, men will feel more comfortable and relaxed during sex, as they no longer have to feel worried about their performance, or whether they are doing the right thing. 

Some experts suggest that men who are more confident regarding their sexual performance often exude an aura of self-assuredness. This often leads to them being more attractive to their sexual partner and can help increase moments of sexual intimacy. 

Then there is the quality of intimate sex a person may experience by being more confident. It’s often a misconception that more sex is more important than the quality thereof. 

While there may often be a mismatch of various sexual desires between partners, finding the ability to provide better quality intimacy can help improve performance and pleasure. 

Wrap Up 

Understanding the causes of penile sensitivity and what may cause PE can help you improve your sexual performance. However, by using Breathe Delay Spray, you have access to a near-term solution that will help you regain your confidence, leading to better sexual intimacy with your partner, and creating more pleasurable moments during sex. 

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