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How Drinking Enough Water Can Boost Your Sex Life 


Hydration is key! 

Whether you live an active lifestyle or consider yourself to be fairly laid-back, drinking enough water each day is vital to your well-being, and most importantly, having a healthy and vigorous sex life. 

However, despite countless studies and ample research relaying the importance of drinking enough water and fluids every day to promote bodily hydration, the majority of people in the United Kingdom have claimed that they don’t drink enough water each day. 

In fact, in one particular study of roughly 2,000 respondents, nearly one in ten said that they don’t drink any water on a given day. 39 per cent of those surveyed said they drink the daily recommended allowance of water once every now and again, while more than half of respondents said they don’t know how much the daily recommended allowance is. 

Water plays a vital role in our everyday lives and health. Drinking enough water can ensure the hydration of your body, organs and skin. Having enough water each day can further promote healthy blood circulation, lubricate your muscles, improve psychological well-being, and for men, help to boost libido and decrease the risk of having erectile dysfunction. 

In the following article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of drinking water, and how men can boost their sex life by staying hydrated. 

The importance of water and general well-being 

There are plenty of reasons why a person should be consuming enough water each day, and in this regard, the importance of why men should be drinking water every day for a healthy and better sex life

While hydration is important, things such as body weight, and exisitng medical conditions may influence even mild dehydration. Additionally, total fluid intake will often include water intake, soft drinks and other drinks or food. Keep in mind, that sugar sweetened beverages and sugary drinks intake should be kept to a minimum.

Improves energy levels and brain function 

Our brains and bodies require enough water each day to function normally and promote healthy circulation. In one particular study of young men, researchers found that fluid loss of 1.6% can impact a person’s working memory, leading to elevated levels of anxiety and fatigue. Water helps to keep our minds active, and sharp and further plays a role in balancing our moods. 

Potentially relieving constipation 

Constipation may affect everyone differently, however, increasing daily hydration, either through water or other liquids can help to reduce the constipation. Some research suggests that mineral water with a high concentration of magnesium and sodium can help to improve regular bowel movements in people with constipation. 

Regulate weight

Looking to shed a few extra pounds before summer? Well, a combination of diet, exercise and plenty of water may be the answer. Researchers have found that those who drink water, roughly 500 ml or more half an hour before a meal, tend to feel fuller and consume fewer calories. 

Alleviates and treats mild headaches 

Whether you may be experiencing an ordinary headache, or a pulsating throbbing, generally associated with the type of headache a person experiences when they’re hungover – water is the cure. 

In one particular case, researchers found that nearly 47 per cent of men who consumed enough water during the day reported having steady headache improvement. Additionally, there are plenty of guidelines that suggest having a glass of water between each drink when spending the night out or at a social gathering to avoid having a severe or mild hangover the following day. 

These are only some of the many benefits of drinking enough water each day. However, it’s important to remember, that daily recommended allowance will depend from person to person, including things such as level of activity such as exercise, height, weight and health-related conditions will dictate how much water a person should be drinking each day. 

Why is hydration key for a better sex life? 

While many men may struggle with their performance in bed, either due to other medical conditions, such as erectile dysfunction or sexual performance anxiety, some research has found that drinking enough water and being hydrated can help boost a person’s sex life. 

Water improves blood flow and circulation 

Hydration levels are important for overall health, including blood circulation through the body. Getting an erection often requires steady blood flow and circulation, and in some events, if one part of the body isn’t working properly, erectile dysfunction may often be one of the side effects men might experience. 

More than this, if a person’s body lacks hydration, which may impact the flow of blood and circulation of oxygen, various side effects may become a frequent occurrence, with some of these being erectile dysfunction

Helps to keep an erection 

Proper hydration ensures that your body works in perfect balance, flushing out bad toxins and ensuring the proper circulation of blood and other important components needed for day-to-day activity. 

Dehydration may cause this balance to be slightly off, which in turn can cause decreased blood flow and circulation. While other remedies may assist with keeping and maintaining an erection, especially once you get older, being hydrated, or having enough water can be just as beneficial. 

Improves libido and testosterone levels 

In addition to this, one study has found that there is a strong correlation between hydration and sexual outcomes. Men who tend to be more hydrated, compared to those who are dehydrated often experience higher levels of libido, and testosterone, better ejaculation and stronger erections. 

The same can be said for those who are either dehydrated or consume far below the daily recommended allowance of water. This evidence helps to suggest that hydration can be a key ingredient for maintaining a person’s libido and further promotes better testosterone levels, and blood circulation that can minimise ejaculation problems or weaker erections. 

Promotes healthy ejaculation 

For those men who are currently in the process of trying to have a child with their partner, there is plenty of evidence that suggests hydration can improve ejaculation and the quality of semen released. 

While semen is generally made up of water and other liquids formed by the male reproductive system, water tends to make up the majority of semen ejaculated during sexual intercourse or sexual activity. Experts suggest that consuming enough water can help with the flow of semen, and the quality of semen delivered during ejaculation.

How much water should you be drinking each day? 

There are plenty of resources available online that outline the recommended daily water allowance per person. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the daily recommended water allowance will be different for each person, as things such as weight, age, gender and other physiological aspects may impact how much water is required for each person per day. 

In the United Kingdom, guidelines provided by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) stipulate that for men aged 14 years and older, the recommended daily allowance of water is anywhere between 2.1 litres and 2.5 litres per day. For women, this is slightly lower, at 2.0 litres per day, however, pregnant and lactating women will often be required to consume more water per day. 

How to foster a water-drinking habit

Being an active water drinker, or at least trying to incorporate more liquids into your daily routine can make a significant impact on your general health, well-being and sexual performance. 

Carry a water bottle: Have a dedicated water bottle that you can drink from every day. You can use a smaller bottle for more convenient transportation. Additionally, you can measure how many times you will need to refill in order to meet your daily consumption allowance. 

Replace other liquids with water during meals: When you’re planning to have a meal, make sure to incorporate some liquid, either water or sugar-free mineral water. Additionally, during dinner or lunch, have a bottle of water as an extra liquid. 

Drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages: When consuming alcohol, ensure that you drink a glass of water between each drink to remain hydrated. 

Stay hydrated during summer days and outdoor acticity: When spending a lot of time outdoors, either exercising, gardening or hiking, make sure to drink plenty of water, especially in the summer. 

Have a glass of water next to your bed: Before heading off to bed each night, ensure that you have a glass of water next to your bed. You can either consume this during the night or make it the first drink of the morning when you wake up. 

Set a water reminder: Smartwatches and some health apps now allow you to set a water reminder, helping to keep track of your daily water consumption and ensure you stay on track with your daily water allowance recommendations.  

The key to better hydration 

Water is a vital part of our human physiology, and helps to maintain and regulate our body’s temperature, transport nutrients, remove toxins and lubricate our joints and muscles. More than this, plenty of research suggests that water can help benefit male sexual performance, including maintaining an erection and improving the delivery and quality of semen during ejaculation. 

For a better, and more balanced lifestyle, try to include water into your daily routine. Additionally, you can have a glass of water each hour of the working day, or simply begin to build a habit of drinking plenty of water. Hydration is key to a better mind, body and sexual lifestyle. 

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