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What Is A Premature Ejaculation Spray?

Breathe Delay Spray is a premature ejaculation spray that helps you perform better in bed, allowing you to have longer lasting more pleasurable sex without reaching climax too early. 

Premature Ejaculation Spray for Longer Lasting Pleasure

A spray that gives you control, and leaves you feeling confident without worrying about reaching climax too soon. 

Enhance your endurance and bedroom performance with the Breathe Delay Spray, a premature ejaculation spray that helps to improve the experience for you and your partner. 

What is a delay spray?

The delay spray affect is almost instantaneous. Breathe Delay Spray is a unique blend of natural ingredients that creates a desensitising effect on the penis. Apply the spray to the head of the penis, 10 to 15 minutes before sexual activity, and allow for the application to help you have a more pleasurable, long-lasting sexual experience. 

Why use a delay sprays? 

Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that affects nearly 20% to 30% of men around the world. With the best delay spray for men, they can desensitise the penis, helping reduce sensitivity and extend their sexual activity without having to reach climax too early and delay ejaculation.

How to use a delay spray? 

Breathe Delay Spray can be applied 10 to 15 minutes before. Simply remove the cap, and apply 2 to 3 sprays of the application onto the sensitive areas, such as the head of the penis, while gently rubbing the application into the skin. Allow to absorb, and once a tingling sensation can be felt, you’re ready for your big performance.  Full instructions for use are provided.

Do delay sprays work? 

Sexual performance is important for most men and delays sprays work to enhance your stamina, allowing for more pleasurable sexual moments, during foreplay and intercourse. Lasting longer has never been easier, as the desensitizing spray fits discreetly in your bag, and works almost immediately. Application recommendations are provided on the packaging.

Pockeized fun discreetly packaged 

The Breathe Delay Spray is a pocket-sized bottle (12ml) allowing for easy carry and on-the-go use. When shipped to you, our delay spray is packaged in discreet packaging to minimise attention and not reveal the contents of the package. 

Breathe Delay Spray lets you discover the benefits and joy of longer-lasting pleasure. Read more about how you can order a male delay spray, and how the best delay spray for men will help boost your lifestyle.