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Could Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Be Affecting Your Performance In Bed?


While the cold winter months may often be a time for cosying up with your partner, those long dreary winter nights and days may at times leave many people experiencing intervals of decreased motivation and a diminished mood. 

The seasons may have a bigger impact on our moods than we might think. More than this, some research has linked seasonal changes, such as the transition between summer and winter, and prolonged cold weather with certain psychological phenomena including aggression, prosocial behaviour, eating habits, and sexual activity. 

Although one might expect that you, or others, are more sexually active during colder months of the year, scientific research has suggested that for some people, the opposite tends to happen. While ambient temperature and seasonality may not directly impact human sexual activity, other psychological factors often influence a person’s sex drive and frequency of engaging in sexual activity. 

The frequency of Seasonal Affective Disorder 

“Winter Blues” is perhaps a universally shared experience among people during the winter months. Icy weather coupled with short days and long nights can affect a person’s mood and impact intimate relationships with their partner. 

The most probable explanation is Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, a psychological phenomenon that is often caused by prolonged periods of decreased sunlight, the disruption of a person’s circadian rhythms and serotonin levels. 

Experts suggest that SAD may be a result of: 

  • Lack of sunlight causes a shift in circadian rhythms that may leave one feeling out of step with one’s normal routine. 
  • The lack of sunlight may cause a decrease in serotonin, one of the main chemicals of the brain that regulates a person’s mood. 
  • Vitamin D is considered to be one of the main producers of serotonin, however, one of the main sources of Vitamin D is through sun exposure, however, this may be lower during the winter months. 
  • People with SAD are said to produce more melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate normal sleep-wake cycles. The overproduction of melatonin may cause sleepiness, leaving many people feeling drowsy and less energised during the winter. 

These psychological changes may cause further disruptions, affecting libido and arousal in men. This may lead to encountering challenges in maintaining a satisfying sexual lifestyle, due to increased levels of fatigue, low energy and a decreased feeling of interest. 

Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder 

According to the Mental Health Foundation, SAD may impact a person’s moods in more ways than previously suggested. Experts believe that SAD may cause other symptoms, such as: 

  • Increased anxiety 
  • Feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Low energy and concentration levels 
  • Decreased interest in sex or sexual activity 
  • Lower levels of libido 
  • Disinterest in people or social activities 
  • Difficulty enjoying pleasurable things and experiences

Additionally, experts have suggested that individuals struggling with existing mental health problems may have difficulty overcoming SAD. More than this, men with other sexual performance problems, including erectile dysfunction or using an erectile dysfunction treatment may have some difficulty feeling aroused or being sexually active while simultaneously experiencing seasonal affective disorder. 

Overcoming the challenges of SAD 

While we may understand that there is some connection between our moods or sexual desires and the seasons, especially during those lackadaisical winter months when the days are short and the weather is bitter, overcoming these and other psychological challenges may help to promote a healthy sexual lifestyle and foster more intimate moments with your partner. 

Spending time outdoors 

One of the best, and perhaps most revitalising remedies to help a person overcome SAD is to spend more time outdoors. This is especially important on sunny days, where temperatures might be slightly warmer. Natural lights may help to affect a person’s overall mood and promote the production of Vitamin D. 

Incorporate warm light indoors 

When being indoors, create an ambient atmosphere in your home or apartment by incorporating warm lighting, such as lamps that may mimic natural light. Additionally, a person may use dimmers to help create a more moody atmosphere. Candles may be another suitable option for dark corners of the house and can be used to help set the mood for more intimate moments. 

Physical activity 

Get enough exercise, whether this is by hitting the gym, lifting weights at home, or swimming a few laps around the pool. Additionally, you can incorporate running into your daily schedule, or take longer, more blood-pumping walks. You can change up your daily commute, such as by cycling more often to work. 

Take time to socialise 

While socialising may feel more challenging during this time, especially having to leave the comfort of your home to see people, try and make socialising with friends part of your weekly schedule. Whether inviting people over or heading out to grab dinner together, take time to indulge in social interactions.

Try a delay spray 

When it comes to sexual activity and intimacy, you want to make sure that you can last as long as possible. Men that may be experiencing premature ejaculation, the sensation of reaching an orgasm too quickly during sexual foreplay or intercourse may often leave a damper on the mood. 

Nonetheless, while premature ejaculation is completely normal, and many men experience this during their lives, using a delay spray will help make those intimate moments last longer, feel more pleasurable and with the use of active ingreidents helpreducing sensitivity.

Using a delay spray for men 

There are several benefits to using delay spray for men, especially during the months or weeks when you may have had lacklustre sexual drive or sexual intimacy with your partner or another person.

  • Increases sexual performance: Delay sprays, such as Breathe Delay Spray for men can assist with decreasing feelings of premature ejaculation, leaving a person to focus on their form and technique, rather than stressing over reaching climax too soon.
  • Desensitises the penis: Using a delay spray will help to desensitise the penis, allowing a person to last longer during foreplay, oral sex and intercourse.  A delay spray affect helps to reduce sensitivity and is fst acting compared to other medication.
  • Promotes healthy intimate moments: Sexual intercourse can be considered one of the most intimate moments a person may have with their partner. A delay spray work to ensure a person may last longer in bed and can help contribute to building a healthy intimate relationship with their partner. Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that these sprays useses a natural active ingredient to delay ejaculation and aims to help you and your partner develop a more intimate sexual experience.
  • Alleviate sexual performance anxiety: Many men may experience sexual performance anxiety, which may either cause erectile dysfunction or lead to dull sexual encounters. A delay spray helps to alleviate some of this psychological pressure many men may have during sexual activity or intercourse. 

Final thoughts

Knowing that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can impact a person’s mood and sexual activity can help you overcome these challenges by making small adjustments in your lifestyle or trying different remedies that are most suitable to your personal needs. 

While the dreary winter months may often feel endless and may cause a lacklustre sex life, using a delay spray that can make these moments last longer will help you foster a more intimate relationship with your partner. 

Using a delay spray can be beneficial in many ways, such as alleviating sexual performance anxiety, allowing you to concentrate on your technique, and providing your partner with a more intimate sexual experience that can last longer. 

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