5 Tips To Improve Your Performance In The Bedroom

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Discover the secrets to ultimate satisfaction with our 5 inspirational tips for enhancing bedroom performance. From communication to exploring new sensations, we’ve got you covered. Ignite passion and elevate your intimate experiences with Breathe.

Sexual performance with your partner is more than intercourse, in fact, oftentimes medical professionals and couples counsellors consider sexual performance more related to a person’s physical health, well-being and mental health. 

Although sexual performance isn’t necessarily viewed as a medical term, it’s often used as an umbrella term that encapsulates a wider variety of sexual activities and physical conditions that directly relate to a person’s sex life and premature ejaculation.

What influences sexual performance in men?

Things such as sexual drive and arousal, proper function of an erection and frequency of sexual activity are often considered to form part of the broader sexual performance experience. 

In the United Kingdom, around 11.7 million men claimed to have struggled during sex, with at least one in eight saying they experience one of these problems every time, according to one study published in 2019. 

Other leading causes of having low sexual drive or feeble performance are often directly linked to specific medical problems, including anxiety, stress, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. 

In a small case study from 2021, around 48% of men said that they often experience erectile dysfunction, an equivalent to more than 16.5 million people in the UK. In a different study, 43% of men were at risk of erectile dysfunction due to high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. 

Sexual performance is a broad term. It’s more than physical penetration or being able to get an erection it’s more than simply lasting longer in bed or premature ejaculation.

5 tips to improve sexual performance in the bedroom 

Fortunately, there are different things a person can do and try to help boost their sexual performance. Here’s a look at five of the best things you can do to improve your sexual drive and performance. 

Talk about sex with

Before anything else, try to be more open with your partner regarding sex or your sexual performance. By having an open channel of communication, both you and your partner can better understand what works best for you in the bedroom, and how you both can accommodate one another. 

Instead of leaving things on the table, which often only increases tension, anxiety and stress for some people, working together to find a solution will help you feel less isolated, but more importantly, feel more comfortable and safe. 

On top of this, talking to your partner will perhaps bring more practical suggestions into the bedroom that you can try, such as foreplay, trying a different technique, or maybe doing an activity together that will help reignite the spark between you. 

Get more exercise 

Taking some time to work on yourself, in a more physical sense, can significantly help improve your sexual performance and stamina. Being more physically active can help boost your blood circulation, leading to lower blood pressure and better blood vessels and improved erectile function, and several studies have found that exercise significantly improves sexual endurance. 

One study by the National Institutes of Health found that around 31% of men who had a lack of exercise and poor diet often experienced some form of sexual dysfunction, including low sex drive, stamina and erectile dysfunction. Getting more exercise, or eating healthier foods isn’t only important for your sexual performance, but also for your physical well-being and long-term health. 

Not only is exercise and a balanced diet good for your sexual performance, but things like getting enough sleep, cutting down on alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking can directly contribute to improved blood circulation and overall well-being. 

Take better care of your mental health 

Men, it’s time that you start taking better care of your mental health. While it might not always be possible to control our reactions or reduce stress levels within a given situation, how we decompress afterwards, and what we do to improve our mental health can mean a lot for our sexual performance and relationships. 

Various things like stress, anxiety or depression can often make it hard to give your best performance in the bedroom, leading to lacklustre intimacy between both of you and a weak sense of sexual pleasure.

Talking to a registered professional about adverse mental health conditions can help alleviate some of the symptoms that most men often experience, but choose to ignore. By being more proactive regarding your mental well-being, the better you will find it better to control various sexual concerns in the bedroom. 

Experiment with a delay spray 

Another option could be to experiment with either a delay spray for men, to help you last longer in bed, or maybe incorporating sexual medicine into your daily health care routine. 

Using a delay spray from men will decrease penis sensitivity, and improve your performance, as you will be able to last longer in bed. Breathe Delay Spray can help alleviate some of the sexual pressure men experience during sexual activity. 

The Breathe Delay Spray works by applying a liberal amount to the head of the penis, with the foreskin drawn back, and allowing for the liquid to directly absorb into the penis. The mixture begins to work within 10 to 15 minutes after application can be used during intercourse and is safe to use during oral sex. 

By experimenting with numbing agents, or at least something that will help boost your performance, you will be able to focus less on lasting longer, and instead be more present in the moment, allowing you to focus on your technique minimising premature ejaculation, and improving your sex life.

Try and spice things up in the bedroom 

As we’ve previously mentioned, sexual performance, or sex for that matter isn’t always about penetration. While not all men view this in the same way, trying something new in the bedroom, even if this doesn’t involve penetration can help improve your sexual performance and potentially decrease your sexual performance anxiety.

Talk to your partner about something they would want to try during sex, or even do something that will help make the sexual experience feel more euphoric. This might be things like trying a different technique, or even a new position, or even incorporating more foreplay instead. 

You can always try something that doesn’t necessarily involve sex. Taking a walk together, going to the movies now and again, or maybe spending more time together outdoors will help you reconnect on a deeper, and more emotional level. 

Again, this is where it becomes important to communicate these things with your partner, to ensure that they know how you feel about your sexual performance, and to make sure you can incorporate things that you’re both comfortable with. 

Final Take 

The bottom line is that sex is more than physical intercourse. Sex is a broad spectrum and involves a variety of techniques, activities and positions, and it doesn’t always have to be about penetration. 

More importantly, men who often struggle with sexual performance can feel less confident in the bedroom with their partner, leading to lower levels of sexual drive for both them and their partner, but also causing increased sexual performance anxiety. 

Trying a few things such as doing more exercise, eating healthier foods, trying a premature ejaculation treatment or even talking to your partner about sex and what you can do to improve it will help alleviate the stress and anxiety many men often experience in the bedroom. 

The most important is to ensure that the sexual experience allows you more control and the ability to enjoy sex, regardless of how you may view it. While being able to reach orgasm is often considered the epitome of a healthy sex life, remember to talk about how sexual performance anxiety can affect your relationship, you both need to expect or overcome problems of personal intimacy.

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